Wwe dating game

23-Feb-2020 22:04

What we do is take a WWE Diva and try and make a match with our eligable WWE Superstars. I’m Rico, your host for the evening and this is the Dating Game. Now this is the part where I guess we end the show with a big kiss. Our lovely bachelorette will be the lovely and talented Nidia. Chris, would you please introduce our lovely bachelorette? But anyhow, here is our lovely bachelorette, straight from Smackdown, and no doubt, Mr. You ask our bachelors some questions, listen to their answers, and then, based on their responses, you pick one of our WWE superstars for a dream date to…..

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Always willing to cash in on any trend, what if the powers that be in the WWE decided to remake a staple of 70’s television for their WWE Superstars. We all know that the host of this gig should be me, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla. But the people in charge wanted someone else to be the host. This little parody shows what would happen if the WWE decided now is the time for: The WWE Dating Game (A Vinnie Mac In Your Pants Production) Your announcer is Y2J Chris Jericho. They said I had an ego problem or something like that. After the show, maybe we can go out for a drink or something. I just came here tonite looking for a date but just see a lot of confusion Austin and Teddy walked off the stage they couldn’t stand the thought of losing Rico,our host is laid out on the floor the victim of a stone cold stunner but that Dairy Queen is such a punk I’m sure it’s the first time he’s been laid all summer so now I’m the winner just like it should be but my prize is a date with Sable? we may be on TNN, the home of Star Trek but I ain’t Captian Kirk, and on this mission, I just ain’t able you might not like it or you might I’m just relaying the facts I’m the master of thuganomics Sable is just the big thing and ya’ll can just kiss my ass!

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I’m sure he and his “peeps” will be glad to take you out!

Stone Cold: The coldest, nastiest, piece of trash in the business today.