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30-Jun-2020 15:30

Then I put together looks with accessories: shoes (at the moment, I’m crazy about Chanel’s summer 2016 see-through boots), vintage jewelry, and shawls that don’t take up much room. Crew corduroy suit, which is very cute and very Wes Anderson.I’m beyond excited to finally share the cover of my new book “The Sartorialist: India”!I did six different drawings of occasions when women would wear her pieces, which were launched at New York Fashion Week last month. I have worn tiny crystal earrings every day for the past 10 years. There are certain silhouettes that you just know work well in highlighting your best features. I will look at literally every single thing in a vintage store and reimagine those pieces.

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She makes beautiful jewellery and I love the minimalism. For me, it is about being authentic in what works well. I love simple, tonal nude heels and still wear them.New Yorkers exercise like crazy and it is common to see women in their athletic gear all day.This look is huge in America because people feel like they are on track to eating and living well. I was living in Southern Brooklyn and the job was in Queens. Since we started working together, we have pretty much been together every single day. I found I was always extending myself working for others but never really knew if they appreciated all that I gave in my job.

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There is something really nice about working closely with someone you care about on so many levels.

Having just returned from Florence and Rome, how do Italian women dress differently to American women?