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29-Apr-2020 18:29

The band’s biggest hit, 2000’s megaubiquitous “Butterfly,” also counts as their only one; despite the slippery single’s cross-continental chart-topping appeal, Crazy Town never came close to replicating its success.Not even a collab with Rivers Cuomo — who lent his guitar skills to .

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He has always included his family to thank for making him what he is now.

At its peak, one of nu metal’s defining characteristics was its ultramasc tendency to cast oneself as constantly under siege, fighting the good fight against forces both institutional and unseen; after multi-instrumentalist Bret “Epic” Mazur’s departure in 2017 marked the last vestiges of Crazy Town’s founding lineup (save Binzer) coming to an end, the band tacked on an “X” to the end of their name, elaborating on Instagram that the designator “symbolizes a territory that has just been won.” Taking to their own IG comments to offer general goings-on context is perhaps the most contemporary aspect of Crazy Town’s current form.