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Like maybe it's just me but i wouldn't want to date anyone who knows how much i weighed when i was born, what time, and what exact day...

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Right." He released his solo EP Papi Chulo Prelude in 2019.

He began developing dancing and singing skills with Mindless Behavior when he was eleven.

Yes he's single , but he can't date girls right now because he have to finish his cereer , and his Mom won't let him date anyways....

;-) mines too , but in my future I would love to have a boy friend or husband ;-) MB- Roc Royal Went out with Ray Ray sister vanessa smith (13) 09/04/98 Princeton As i heard dates her now, this is like their 5th time going out Ray dated this girl named lauryn mcclain idk if its true prod Is single their all single expt PRINCETON HE DATES VANESSA SMITH no princeton is free so is roc and prodigy thier has also been arumor that prod wants ray ray kicked out the group becuase he asks like a girly girl and has a really squeaky voice reallly he is not single he go with kayla hardnett Princeton is one of the members of the popular boy band, Mindless Behavior.

It didn’t help that the members were growing into adulthood and their physical looks were changing as well.

Although it came as a shock to not only the fans but also the other members, it was definitely not the end of Mindless Behavior.

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The news broke via Instagram, but, unfortunately, it disappointed thousands of fans—leaving the band in a limbo and losing a big percentage of their target audience.

Making their entrance into the music industry in 2010, the band—which originally consisted of four members: Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton, blew up the charts with their hit single, “My Girl”.

The single did so well that, the following year, the band released five more singles, “Mrs.

After remaining a trio for about eight months, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal decided to keep it moving, welcoming in Detroit native, Elijah J—a former Kidz Bop singer.

The new member sparked a lot of controversy, which caused fans to be angered and distraught at the replacement.Right”, “Girls Talkin’ Bout”, “Hello”, and “Christmas With My Girl”—along with their debut album, In 2012, the band embarked on their own 25-city tour, bringing rapper Lil Twist, Jacob Latimore, and upcoming singer, Kayla Brianna along with them.

But there’s also a downside of their love for cooking, and we’ll talk about it later.… continue reading »

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