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18-Jun-2020 04:33

They met on the set of the movie Stoker in 2013 and reported to instantly grow a liking for each other even though Matthew’s long-term girlfriend Sophie was expecting a baby at that time.The rumor made Sophie quite insecure and it was probably due to her health that Nicole and Matthew never saw each other’s face after the movie was released.Matthew has had only two legit relationships in his life and the rest of them are more of rumors than truth. It is believed that they got married secretly and hence, they refer to each other as husband and wife.When they were asked, they said that marriage is a very expensive event and hence, they never got married as such.Naturally, when they were caught in a night club, speculations began to build up.It is believed that they stayed together for a few weeks before splitting up and it was before Margot came in his life.

After a few days, they started to grow a liking for one another and soon they started dating.

In her off-camera life, Amy Adams is engaged to Darren Le Gallo since 2008.