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02-Apr-2020 20:35

Where this episode improves on “White Christmas” is in creating a more genuinely compelling frame story that helps pile the disturbing stories on top of each other until its very satisfying conclusion.

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It takes risks with storytelling, and it has even predicted a number of actual real world events, with episodes that have come eerily close to depicting Brexit and Trump before they happened.

Scott's acting as a man broken by grief in a world obsessed with our phones is phenomenal, but the ending of this tense—sometimes hilarious—thriller feels like nothing more than an elaborate PSA.

is an experience unlike anything Netflix or TV or movies, for that matter, have pulled off before.

When his old drinking buddy played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II buys him a new VR fighting game, the two get into much more than mild animated violence.

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Soon, they're having sex as their two video game characters—played by Pom Klementieff and Ludi Lin.

As it turns out, sometimes the real world is even darker than Christmas special marked the show's long-awaited return to television, but its format left something to be desired.