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10-Oct-2019 19:34

The role of cloud computing is changing the way infrastructures are designed and implemented.Where traditional, business-owned data centers are private, capital-intensive resources, cloud computing enables organizations to access a cloud provider's data center infrastructure and services for a fee.Updating network infrastructure and building a foundation for advanced digital solutions to run on needs to be a priority for healthcare organizations using cloud.Infrastructure is the foundation or framework that supports a system or organization.Ninety percent of respondents agreed that legacy network infrastructure cannot keep up with the demands of modern network infrastructure.More healthcare organizations are considering and deploying cloud-based solutions for their infrastructure and many are met with networking roadblocks that can’t be resolved without upgrading the network.will enable all of the district's activities to be more efficient and occur fasten At the same time, our risks and operational technology costs will be reduced, and it will position us to do many new things down the road.- Healthcare organizations are in the midst of a digital transformation as legacy systems are replaced with new cloud-based infrastructure.

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Organizations are currently trying to close the gap in the adoption rate of successful cloud deployments by making plans to adopt more advanced network infrastructure.“The inability of these networks to support cloud-centric applications and workloads and just as importantly, provide end-to-end visibility into their performance is viewed as a real challenge to cloud success,” said the survey.