Updating compressed archives

20-Nov-2019 18:52

Previously such names were truncated at the end, making the file extension invisible.This version truncates them removing the path component and symbols in the middle, but preserving beginning of file name and file extension. If files selected for archiving differ only by extension, a proposed archive name is based on their name part.It is done to prevent unexpected hard drive space usage. c) Win RAR displayed an unneeded pair of round brackets in "Archive" column of "Diagnostic messages" window for system error messages; d) "Extract to folder\" Windows Explorer context menu command could fail to unpack ZIP archives if their names included a numeric part followed by extension, arbitrary data was present before the first file record and "Remove redundant folders from extraction path" Win RAR option was switched on; e) in "RAR x -x arcname" command, parent folders of files matching the specified mask also were excluded from extracting; f) "Find" command returned the current folder own name additionally to its contents for "Current folder" search area if folder name matched "File names to find" mask; g) if "Find in files" and "Find in archives" are both enabled, "Find" command did not match an archive name itself against "File names to find" mask after searching inside of archive.So it did not display archive names for masks like *and applied this mask only to files inside of archives; h) when running an executable directly from archive, Win RAR 5.70 did not set a temporary folder with unpacked files as current.Such switch can include multiple modifiers to set the same date for all specified times.

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For more detailed information regarding the use of cookies on this website, please see our "Privacy Policy".You can create a separate archive for every file in selected subfolders or store the entire contents of every selected folder in separate archive depending on the state of "Archives in subfolders" option. New -ad1 switch can be used when unpacking multiple archives recursively, such as 'rar x -r -ad1 arc\*.rar'.It creates a separate folder for files unpacked from each archive, but unlike already existing -ad switch, it creates such folders in each archive folder. If context menu "Extract each archive to separate folder" is applied to archives from different folders in Windows Explorer "Search results", subfolders with unpacked files are created in each archive folder.It has a practical value only if placed to configuration file or to RAR environment variable.

For example, if we set RAR environment variable to -agf YYYY-MMM-DD, we can use -ag without a parameter with YYYY-MMM-DD format string assumed. Switches -ed and -e d can be used in archive processing commands for any combination of RAR and archive operating systems. Archiving speed for large NTFS alternate data streams on multi-core CPUs is increased. "Find" command: a) when extracting encrypted files directly from "Search results" dialog, password prompt was issued for every found file even if all files belonged to same archive.Some switches can be applicable both in shell and in command line modes.