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Through the analysis of microblogging by prominent propagandists whose identities and professions are known to the public, this article finds some evidence that microblogging could be helping cadres to win hearts and minds, although such microblogging poses new risks to the state as netizens challenge propagandists and state policies in exchanges that reveal political pluralism and disapproval of state policies.

While venting on weibo may enable people to blow off steam, the reluctance (or inability) of official microbloggers to engage their critics in meaningful dialogue suggests the limited utility of official microblogging as a means of furthering political stability through the improvement of state–society relations.

More than forty international experts, many of them Chinese, write about community-building and social networking, online dating and romance, government regulation, education and entertainment, and phenomenon specific to China, including the Great Firewall and microblogging. Through her successive drives for gender equality, human rights, political reform, Taiwan independence, and, currently, environmental protection, Lu has played a key role in Taiwan's evolution from dictatorship to democracy.

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In an attempt to promote political stability, local officials around the country have utilized Twitter-like microblog sites (微博weibo) to upgrade their capability to influence citizens and engage in rapid information management.

Her impoverished parents twice attempted to give her away for adoption, and as an adult she survived cancer and imprisonment, later achieving success as an elected politician -- the first self-made woman to serve with such prominence in Asia.

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