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10-Aug-2020 04:43

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These changes are known as typology, and the typological identification is crucial to the dating.

Other types of artifacts that retain the same shape over long periods of time are less certainly dated when out of context.

One example of this analysis method is historic ceramics which have been in production for hundreds of years, but not every type of ceramic has been in production for that entire period.

Due to technological advances especially during the mid-16 centuries, pottery craftsmen were able to create more refined pastes (less porous), glazes more purified in color and new methods of decorating the pottery (from hand painted to transfer printed) as time went on.

To date artifacts most accurately, archaeologists need the context in which artifacts lie in the ground to be undisturbed.

This context may then be excavated to find associations between the artifacts and the organic materials required for radiocarbon dating.

As with historic ceramics, archaeologists have developed typologies of glass bottles based on various physical characteristics.

One part of the typology looks at the bottle lip or rim.

In the case of ceramics it can be difficult to identify creamware from pearlware, whiteware and others, but through previous research we know that the paste in creamware is more porous than that of the others and that the glaze is often pooled with a green tint in crevices.When we have an entire or even a large fragment of a ceramic vessel, we can often determine the shape of the vessel or the type and method of production of the design on the vessel.

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