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07-Oct-2019 02:07

It’s even been speculated that what the man is eating is human remains.

According to this video, there’s not much to go on — except that, according to performer Raymond Persi, those strange suits are actually HIS characters he created, a duo named Ray Ray.

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Every single post is made with some type of encryption except for 2 posts in English that say “help” and “please help us”. For anyone interested in taking a swing at this mystery, I made some progress on it about a year ago before finally giving up.It was very detailed, very descriptive and as far as I could tell very medically accurate.Fake or not, it was bone-chilling, some of the experiments that were documented. Kinda wish I had the onion address still so I could transcribe some of it here.However, that is NOT Raymond Persi in either of the suits.

In an email, he describes how he had been performing a Ray Ray show at the Sunset Club when the suits were stolen from his vehicle.Some take requests and even sell videos which stay with your profile so you can watch them over and over. Chaturbate sometimes has awesome contests and things are always really fun around the holidays, especially Halloween. You can actually try performing RIGHT NOW on Chaturbate.

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