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22-Jan-2020 13:12

Here are the red flags you should keep an eye out for to spot a guy who’s trying to pull a fast one on you.

The following tips are some of the techniques online “players” use.

Unfortunately, through a combination of hormones and immaturity, there are some guys who transform the system into one where they try to convince just about any girl to go on a date with them.

This has led to a situation where the different sexes have different experiences of online dating.

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Once a day, when I post a new story, you will receive it in your inbox. It really is worth squeezing in at least one call to see if he has any obvious deal breaker qualities so you aren’t wasting your time on the next step… Now it’s time to get off the phone and meet in person. A meal is great but it can be very long and you have to be at your best for at least an hour.