Tips for an online dating profile

11-Jun-2020 20:57

These clues to your personality are, alongside your picture, the main motivation for a potential partner to contact you. A comprehensive description of your abilities, interests and goals will distinguish your online dating profile from the mass of others on the site.

Introduce your personal qualities as strengths so that you are remembered positively. An appealing dating profile is best achieved by avoiding general statements and thinking carefully about precisely why you should be contacted.

If you haven’t got a photo attached it makes it really hard for other online daters to connect with you as another human being.

Owen explains that, “We build up an idea of a person’s personality by looking at their photo, how they have posed, their facial expression, the clothes they are wearing and much more.

If you provide people with those cues they feel they can make more of an informed decision as to whether or not to pursue you.” Steer clear of dating profile photo fails; in the UK, 33% of survey respondents said they’d turned off most from a photo that was too revealing, followed by wearing sunglasses (18%) and bad photo-shopping (16%).

READ MORE: How to take better profile photos - 6 steps to success Ultimately the best photos are usually those that present you in a true and engaging way, so make the picture complement how you present yourself throughout the profile.

The self-descriptive parts of an online dating profile influence attractiveness much more than the fixed-choice questions, so ensure you take advantage of them.

70% of our survey respondents would refuse a 2 date from someone they see has embellished and exaggerated in their profile.

Your online profile is there to help those you're matched with find out who you genuinely are.

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All percentages based on a survey of 1,000 ELITESINGLES members from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and South Africa.

Owen explains that “Most people also prefer humility in others, so bragging is often a sure-fire way to repel someone.