The art of war for dating

24-Oct-2019 03:28

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Once you forgive, forget (forever) Fights should stay on very specific battlegrounds.

Once you’ve reconciled The Great Dishwashing Fight of 2015, it should never be brought up again.

If she realizes she should respect the relationship too, then forgive and forget that she tried to use this tactic.

If she continues to try and use the relationship as collateral to win one fight, you’ve got a bright red flag in the relationship.

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Holding onto angry words and past arguments only lets hurt feelings fester.It’s this unmasking, although exciting, that can sometimes lead to fights.As you start to learn that you have a difference in opinions, actions, and beliefs, it’s inevitable that a first fight will ensue (and if you happen to go an entire relationship without fighting, then you might have deeper issues).The beginning of a relationship is usually the most exciting phase.

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Everything you do together is new, and you’re slowly pulling back the mask on the other person, learning who they are on deeper level.Fight clean It isn’t always easy to be the referee of a fight, but sometimes you’ll have to play the part because you respect the relationship.

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