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The saltire was later incorporated in the union flag and union jack although the colour of blue there is different. The union jack is the version of the union flag used on the jack staff at the front of a ship. If you live outside Scotland, the best paper with a UK wide circulation and with a focus on Scottish jobs is Scotland on Sunday.This difference of colour between the saltire and the union flags has resulted in some confusion over the correct colour of the Scottish flag - so insist the you get one which is azure and white and not anything else! Can't say much about the journalism though, after all it is from the Andrew Neil propaganda machine. Potentially a great (although rather obvious) idea but has some way to go to be a useful search as there are limited search options and the integration between the uk site and the others is very lacking in places.The main cultural influence has been an Anglo-Saxon one similar but distinct from that of England. They can also promote technologies and innovations for commercialisation or further development Targeting Innovation Deliver business support services to a broad range of companies and organisations in software, innovation, biotechnology, e-business and intellectual asset management.The Gaelic culture of the Highlands is indeed a part of the wider Celtic culture. They have a key role in helping start-ups, established businesses and organisations in these sectors based throughout Scotland.news:soc.culture.scottish was created on 24th May 1995. * To act as a resource for Scottish people who wish to use the Internet and for people who wish to encourage the development of the Internet in Scotland. Certain types of trespass have been criminal since the Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865 was passed, an Act no-one has ever heard of.

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The idea for an on-line reference source for Scottish material came to me in 1989 when I started the Scotland notesfile when working at Digital (now Compaq/HP). FAQ Information --------------- The latest version of this FAQ, together with FTP sites for the FAQ and details of how to get it by mail is at There are details there of the FAQ in Text, HTML and Zip formats as well as a full search engine. * Matters referring to Scottish Celtic folk music may have a more appropriate forum in news:rec.music.celtic. Land Reform ----------- The Feudal System of land holding was abolished in Scotland by the Abolition of Feudal Tenure etc (Scotland) Act 2003, with effect from 28th November 2004.

The culture of Orkney and Shetland has been deeply influenced by Scandinavia. Scottish Financial Enterprise CSSA is the trade association for the IT services and software sectors, representing the interests of companies in these sectors since 1975.

This unique fusion of diverse cultures means that there is currently no newsgroup that can serve as a forum for all Scottish people to discuss uniquely Scottish issues. CSSA currently has over 600 member companies representing approximately 80% of the industry by turnover with combined revenues of more than 14 billion pounds in 1998.

They took this sign as an omen and indeed they were successful in battle the next day. The Scotsman has an Edinburgh bias to the jobs in it, the Herald a Glasgow bias.

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Thus the colours in the flag are supposed to be white to represent the clouds and azure, the colour of the sky towards the end of the day. The Scottish Parliament has debated this matter and decided on Pantone 300 as the recommended colour However, sometimes jobs in Edinburgh are only advertised in the Herald.nl: Since januari 2019, this archive is no longer maintained/updated. [11.2] Scottish Monarchs [11.3] Declaration of Arbroath [11.4] History and Archaeology information [11.5] The Picts [11.6] Antiquarian books [11.7] Historical re-enactments [11.8] Museum of Scotland project [11.9] The story of Glasgow's emblem (fish and ring) [11.10] Scottish historic buildings and sites [11.11] William Wallace / Braveheart [11.12] Clan Links [11.13] John Mac Lean [11.14] Robert Tannahill [11.15] Robert the Bruce [11.16] Thomas Muir [11.17] John Paul Jones [11.18] The Auld Alliance [11.19] The Clearances [11.20] Battle of Culloden [11.21] Knights Templar [11.22] Freemasonry [11.23] Vikings [11.24] Scots emigration/immigration to the US [11.25] The fairy flag of Mac Leod legend Traditions and Culture ---------------------- [12.1] Learning and studying Scottish Culture [12.2] Cultural Newsletters and websites [12.3] Kilts and their history [12.4] Plaid [12.5] Tartan and Tartan Day [12.6] Where to buy/hire a kilt and Highland accessories [12.7] Kirking of the tartans [12.8] Scotch [12.9] Scottish Wedding Information [12.10] The Church of Scotland [12.11] Choosing a Scottish name for your child [12.12] Couthie on the Craigie - Hyperreal Scottish culture [12.13] Burns night / St Andrews Day / Tartan Day [12.14] Saint Andrew's society [12.15] Christmas Customs [12.16] Hogmanay Customs [12.17] New Year Fire Festivals [12.18] Ba' game, Orkney [12.19] Halloween [12.20] Use of Mc Vs Mac in Scottish Surnames [12.21] What is worn under the kilt? In 1993 the Scottish Office said that "it was not convinced that there was enough groundswell of dissatisfaction from the public and, crucially, from the legal profession" to justify any scrutiny of the not proven verdict.