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The Jaalin group has also a presence in Upper Egypt, as seen by the Mireyfab Al-Taqri family, the Rubatab Al-Huwairy family, and many of the Batahin.

Though the Jaalin group has been largely described as agriculturalists and merchants, they still have powerful camel nomad sections, especially the Awadia, Batahin, and Nafaab.

In addition, a few Arabian tribes existed in Sudan prior to the advent of Islam.

It was noted in the late 19th century that the Arabic spoken in Sudan still largely maintained grammatical and dialectical features similar to that introduced from the Arabian Peninsula in the 12th century, and as a result Sudanese Arabic is a form of pure or "archaic Arabic." Sunni Islam in Sudan is not marked by a uniform body of belief and practice, however.

In the early 1990s, its observance appeared to be widespread, especially in urban areas and among sedentary Sudanese Muslims.

The pilgrimage to Mecca is less costly and arduous for the Sudanese than it is for many Muslims.

Additionally, other smaller Sudanese groups who have also been Arabized, or partially Arabized, but retain a separate, non-Arab identity, include the Nubians, Copts, and Beja.

While most Sudanese Arabs speak some form of Sudanese Arabic, some other Arab tribes speak different Arabic dialects like the Awadia and Fadnia tribes and the Bani Hassan, Al-Ashraf and Rashaida who speak Hejazi Arabic.

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The well-to-do perform little work during Ramadan, and many businesses close or operate on reduced schedules., although Sudan also houses ethnic Arabs like the Rashaida.The great majority of the Sudanese Arabs are split into four large tribal groups: (1) The Ja'alin who primarily live along the Nile River who include the Jaalin proper, the Majadhib (a clan section of great renown known for producing religious scholars and scholars of the Arabic language, amongst them is the famed Muhammed Al-Maghdub of the 19th century and Abdalla Eltayeb, the Arabic language scholar), the Mireyfab, the Rubatab, the Shayqiya, the Bedeyriyya Dahmashiya (of whom are the General Suwar Al-Dahab and the intellectual Hassan Al-Turabi) and the Batahin.In addition, Western province tribes like the Baggara and Darfurians) speak Chadian Arabic, although they have great variation in cultural and genealogy aspects.

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Sudanese Arabs descend primarily from migrants from the Arabian Peninsula and some of the pre-existing indigenous populations of Sudan, most predominantly the Nubian people who also share a common history with Egypt.

(2) The Juhaynah group, who live as camel nomads in the Butana plains in the East and the North Kordofan plains to the west.

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