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25-Jun-2020 13:34

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With a hands-on approach, Michal is involved in all the fund’s major decisions, leads investments and serves as an active board member in the majority of the portfolio companies. round the time Michael Tubbs, ’12, MA ’12, and Anna Malaika Nti-Asare-Tubbs, ’14, started dating, Tubbs launched his 2012 campaign to become a member of the Stockton, Calif., city council.

He has been a consultant for the FDA for the past 15 years focused on medical technology and more recently is one of the FDA’s lead advisors on its digital health strategy. Peter is a special advisor to C-level multinational medtech, digital health and consumer electronics multinationals.“There were a lot of eyes on us very early on,” says Nti-Asare-Tubbs, who is now working on a Ph D from the University of Cambridge, where she also earned her master’s degree. Three pairs of Stanford graduate alumni shared ways they keep their relationships strong in the face of life’s competing priorities.“Neither one of us knew what we were signing up for.” But the pressures they faced made them honest and forthcoming about their goals and expectations early in the relationship. Pick something to be inefficient about, and do it together.“Divide and conquer” is a common mantra for busy couples.He is an Interventional Cardiologist and holds a Ph D in Engineering.

He is Professor Emeritus in both the Departments of Medicine and Engineering at Stanford.

Michal ran several business departments from operations to regulatory and marketing and helped scale and steer the companies towards successful exits.

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