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These are my "go to" tires when I need speed and can't afford flats.

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Baseball wives Nicky & Kim, wearing black robes that covered their heads and arms according to Muslim culture, fully embraced the experience and in return felt “welcomed with open arms.” ER doctor Travis called his walk through the mosque an “awe inspiring moment.” In the biggest surprise, Marie felt a sense of calm and serenity in the mosque prompting Tim to joke, “Can we continue the Race in mosques only?

” SPEED DATING Arriving at the Irani Souk in first place, cousins Leo & Jamal ripped open their clue to find a Detour having to choose between Sort It Out or Sew It Up.

While baseball wives Nicky & Kim vowed to stop their “dilly-dallying” this leg and race with urgency, they fell into a familiar pattern in the airport when they asked the ticket agent if they would be on a nice plane and if they would get “delicious snacks.” Annoyed to listen to them, Marie said, “They’re always stretching, sipping tea, or putting on makeup.” After having a war of words on the mat at the end of the last leg over a stolen taxi, the relationship between dating couple Jason & Amy and exes Tim & Marie thawed somewhat at the start of this leg.

Jason and Tim had a brief but cordial exchange at the airport because according to Tim “guys don’t fight for longer than ten minutes.” For her part, Amy wanted to play nice because “there’s no point in making enemies.

My Dad always said, "Weather is nothing, as long as you’re dressed for it". In fact, I never really even thought about it, I just let the door slam behind me.

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You could see how clean it was, how pristine it was.” After receiving their next clue sending them to the Irani Souk, the cousins took a moment to say a prayer before exiting the mosque just as other teams began to arrive.

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