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09-Jul-2020 19:54

This one’s for you, Zip Code 84214: Here’s Dormer in 18 point.Originating in 1888 with Chicago’s Great Western foundry, their successor Barnhart Bros. Partway through casting, the lowercase C mat failed catastrophically.It was ostensibly a companion italic to their Piranisi (a delicate, decorative roman), but oddly, the two faces bear little or no resemblance to one another.Our 1st-of-the-month News is normally released at the crack of dawn.There’s a fair amount in circulation within the hobby letterpress community, so it evidently it was one of his more popular types.Also new is Piranisi Italic in 18 point, a graceful script designed in 1930 by American Type Founders.This can be viewed online, or downloaded to view or print out at your pleasure. A good many of these are in Dutch Auction, where the good stuff is; prices are marked down 4% every week and the oldest listings there have come way down. We offer FREE DELIVERY of any order to the ‘Goose: when you place your online order, just select Local Pickup as the shipping option and add a note “Deliver to Nashville Wayzgoose”, and it shall be done.

The reason: we were scrambling to get a proof and box labels printed for our third new item, Collection No. We have already cast his slender cousin T-bird Extra Condensed in two sizes. U-23 in 12pt, one more good ‘un from the Indian matrices.) The Junk Bin saw 22 new items posted for the month.Our young new hire Jared is fitting in well and learning the fine points of getting newly-cast type from the galleys into packaged fonts.Envision a world in which Instagram direct messaging and tweets do not exist.

A world where “swipe left” or “swipe right” did not determine your desirability and could not enforce gender dynamics, nor place you in a box to be submitted into objectification.

Just completed for your printing pleasure: Goudy Text Shaded in 36 point. Back in stock and available again are Delphian Open Title 18pt, Extended Black 24pt, Collection No. We’re still pushing hard to get more of our numerous soldouts back into stock. This is one of the coolest antique faces ever, originating in 1889 with the Great Western Type Foundry. & Spindler, which renamed the face Bamboo and continued to offer it well into the 20th century.