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02-Aug-2020 06:28

The initial raw file was huge, made up of about a 7 million triangle mesh and obvious scanning artifacts that needed to be removed such as my crazy eyelashes, hair, and oh so sexy mustache.

Their project was “aimed to cross the uncanny valley that divides a synthetic-looking face from a real, animated, expressive person” and they successfully generated “one of the first photorealistic digital actors to speak and emote convincingly in a medium close-up”.She lives inside your head, employing you a chance for you to interact with your subconscious.I wanted the most realistic eye color and texture map so I tried blue and brown eyes.The model needed more details and texture of the skin and face.

In terms of art direction, the biggest concerns were what to do about the skin, hair, mouth, and eyes.

Although in most cities it might be hard to find, living in LA made it fairly easy to find a studio that does 3D scans for video game actors called 3DScan LA studios.

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