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Sue responded with a deep French kiss that made David hard and her pussy wet. They took one last good look before the door closed behind them. She couldn't wait for David and Sam to return.

On the drive to work she noticed every boy along the way. " Sue asked and she sarcastically twirled around to show off even more. They had no business in her house and they would never say a word. She stood naked in front of them lecturing them at length about private property and personal privacy. Seeing David and Sam approaching the backdoor, she opened it invitingly.

As Sam came in her mouth, Sue exploded in her own orgasm.

Laying back on the bed as she moaned in ecstasy, David got between her open legs and buried his giant cock inside her.

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We can vote on who has the best body after you get a look." They both nodded. David and Sam silently walked them down the hall to watch Sue. As the door closed behind them, the air pressure pushed the door to Sue's room open. She took her free hand and slapped Sam's ass as he pumped her mouth. Sue's cunt made rude noises as the combined juices squirted from her hole. David took Sam's place and Sue pulled his face tight to her pussy.

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