Sedating and non sedating antihistamines Worcester sex chat

02-Feb-2020 20:38

General practitioners are also asked to indicate whether the event was considered to be related to the drug, although they are not required to make this connection.Additionally, the prescribers are asked to indicate whether the drug has been stopped and, if so, the reason for this.Incidence densities were calculated for all of the events reported, to give an indication of which events were reported significantly more frequently in the first month of exposure.We calculated non-adjusted and age and sex adjusted odds ratios for drowsiness or sedation for fexofenadine, cetirizine, and acrivastine using loratadine as baseline.It therefore avoids the selection bias inherent in clinical trials.

The unadjusted and age and sex adjusted odds ratios show that loratadine and fexofenadine are associated with a lower incidence of sedation than acrivastine and cetirizine (table 3).

The data collection periods for the four drugs were May to August 1989 for cetirizine and loratadine, May 1989 to September 1990 for acrivastine, and March to August 1997 for fexofenadine.