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04-Nov-2019 03:01

That is because you are in your essence, but also because you hear that all the time in movies, TV shows and other types of media.

And that is really helpful in languages like you can learn or teach English in Portugal. We seem to be very afraid of using words, of saying how much we care for the person we’re with and how important he or she is to us.

But let me tell you why it is not the same case here: people in Portugal can be very shy and cautious, which really is a pity.

I already know, or can guess, that when “Portugal” comes to your mind you immediately think about one of two things: food and beaches in Portugal.

But in the more rural areas of Portugal you may find it to be more difficult to date someone.

People tend to be more conservative in those areas – not meaning they are less loveable.

Portuguese men tend to like arranging a date quickly at a club or a bar so chatting for days on Tinder before meeting up is not likely to happen. Most young people try to find love on such platforms as they are much more used to online socialising.

Here is a list of sites which you can use in Portugal to find that special someone: Well, speaking of Portuguese women…

Indeed, my country is a marvellous scene that appears to come out of a movie, but not all the characters are open to love.

However, you can expect to find very friendly and “ready to help” people on every other corner, which is one of our main visitor drawcards.

It really depends on the person, but if I were to guess, only one in five people are able to say that to their girlfriend or boyfriend.

You are more likely to hear “I like you” or “I adore you”, which in Portuguese is “weaker” than saying “Eu amo-te”, or only “Amo-te”.

We are kind and loving people, but we do not often express how we feel – like, hardly ever.

They are the lungs of the world, breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out the oxygen on which animal life depends.… continue reading »

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