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Taxi, shuttle service, and rental cars are available at the airport.

A 24-hour express shuttle to Claremont is available; for this service, call 800-554-6458 or, in California, 909-973-1100 or 310-338-1111.

S.-issued license, expired identification of any kind, temporary paper identification and other identification not listed in the required section.

**No outside cups or containers will be allowed.** These forms of identification DO NOT allow entry - school identification card, birth certificate, social security card, consular identification, non-U.

They’re living in a “perfect world full of intelligent, engaging, and open individuals, amazing academics, brilliant opportunities to get involved in, and enough sunshine to make anyone happy to be alive.” The weather is a key aspect of the experience, and “on a nice day, everyone heads outside in shorts and t-shirts to do their class work.” On any given day, “you’ll see people setting up telescopes outside the dorms at night to try to get a glimpse of the stars, you’ll find people practicing ukulele on our quad, you’ll see students filming for a project in the dining halls, [or] you’ll see someone riding around campus on a bamboo bike.” “Many people are involved in intramural sports,” and students love “hiking, skiing, and going to the beach year round.” There are many beautiful beaches in the area, and “Joshua Tree is only an hour and a half away, so there are camping trips there just about every weekend.” Though the school is small, there are four other undergraduate colleges in the Claremont Consortium, and Pomona students can “take their classes, eat at their dining halls, go to their parties, swim in their pools, and generally share in a great experience.” When it’s time to blow off steam, “there are large 5C-sponsored parties that people go to and enjoy.” Pomona's Career Development Office offers advising and counseling to help students explore their interests and discover careers to which they might be suited; hosts career fairs and recruiting events; and provides resources for networking job searches.

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Paul Getty Center Universal Studios, Disneyland Joshua Tree National Park, Angeles National Forest Dodgers, Lakers, Angels, Galaxy, etc. International Airport is 10 miles from campus.Student programs and campus engagement efforts include a green office certification program, green living training for all RAs and student mentors, an annual sustainability film festival, and a program where students can get free drying racks, CFL light bulbs, and compost buckets.With a change to self-operated dining, the college was able to increase sustainable food purchases and became the first liberal arts college to receive Marine Stewardship Council certification.Among other programs, “Pomona pays for students to take otherwise unpaid internship positions.” Students praise Pomona’s “efficiency in taking care of administrative tasks such as financial aid and registration,” adding that the administration “is very good at responding to what students want.” At Pomona, only a quarter or so of students are from California, yet the California attitude reigns supreme.

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Here, you’ll find a number of “tree-hugging, rock-climbing, Tom’s shoes-wearing” undergraduates, with most students generally falling within the “liberal, upper-middle-class, hipster-athlete” continuum.All existing buildings are regularly retrofitted to improve energy efficiency in lighting, HVAC and other building systems, and the college's new Sontag and Pomona Residence Halls are LEED Platinum.