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25-Oct-2019 16:18

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It makes no sense for Democrats to try to bomb Democrats. " All this as people leave countries by the thousands whose corrupt SOCIALIST govts have bankrupted them to poverty, now head for (of course) California, the socialist basteon of America, for all the freebies offered at (US) taxpayer expense! More like a stroke of Soros $$$ The looney left is noted for pouring money into failed endeavors and anti American causes [to inflate a narrative]. Maybe now Nam vets will finally get a break in congress where Mc Shame has killed every bill that ever came up to resolve the MIA issue The Hanoi Songbird has sung his last treasonous song Unions were once a good thing for the common worker even tho the mob bosses were the biggest winners.Most likely it's another one of those far-right Republican radical groups like "Proud Boys". Think "The Gulf of Tonkin", "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraq. The Demoncrap/Soros Hail Mary play to finish destroying America from within that Obama started. Michael Moores new movie is a flop, the new moon landing film with foreign actors and producers... and trying to downplay the ingenuity and accomplishments of a proud America... Over the years greed, their lobbying power and political influence/bias towards support for the corrupt Dem chambers of congress, has changed their agenda.....Christmas xmas porno deepthroat throatpie video from thai teen he Fun video we took in a nudist beach Mature woman having a sunbth in a voyeur xxx video Hot milf coral joice in a voyeur xxx video Porno italiano bellissima bionda italiana prima volta hard con ra You Tube can also be viewed from all other virtual reality headsets.These functions were notably used as the basis for interactive videos , which used hyperlinks to other videos to achieve branching elements.Philippe Reines: I think you have to ask how much Donald Trump is responsible for the climate that we’re in where things like this happen.Tim: It is notable that when an avowed Democrat shot Republican congressman Steve Scalise and almost killed him, Republicans resisted the urge to blame leftist rhetoric and violence. If you just registered or logged in and the comment form is not visible, please refresh this page. Contact us at Washington Political Columnist at Liberty

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Hell, Republicans had a small event today in Las Vegas with Senator Heller with Senator Graham and they drew in over three hundred people in a very Liberal stronghold (more then Biden could bring in). Pence had tweeted: “We condemn the attempted attacks against fmr President Obama, the Clintons, @CNN & others.I was louder than it really merited and I pulled out tricks I hoped would make him finish, or at least let ME finish.