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12-Oct-2020 12:41

This is inconvenient, but the only way to assure that you will not be charged further and that your credit card number will not be shared.

The US Fair Credit Billing Act limits your liability to .

To ensure this right you must notify the bank in writing within 60 days of receipt of the credit card statement.

The card issuer must investigate all properly filed disputes.

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We will save you time and effort by doing all of this for you and we’ll make sure you don’t miss a great match.

If the bank will not reverse the charges, you have the right to challenge the findings.

The procedure will be covered in your cardholder agreement.

I get many notes from readers that have a statement such as “” …

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At that point there is no legal basis to make a dispute.Over and above the US Federal Law, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express have Zero Liability Policies in the case of fraudulent use, but you must call your credit card issuer right away. It could take a few months, so a little patience is needed.