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If you rely on skin color, it can still be confusing because Mattel cross-utilized body parts creating "transitional" dolls. 1959 Box (Gay Parisienne fashion bottom-right) 1959 Barbie Fashion Booklet Black Pedestal Stand with T-Wire Black & White Zebra-Striped Swimsuit Black Mules (open-toe shoes) Gold Hoop Earrings White Sunglasses Originally, the fourth-issue Ponytail looked like the #3 Ponytail, minus the brown eye shadow, but Mattel used a new kind of plastic for the #4 dolls that doesn't fade like the previous dolls.

The body is still the heavy solid body, with some being marked "R" during the transition into 1961.

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There's really no mistaking the first and second-issue Ponytail Barbie dolls with the others because of the distinctive eyes with white irises and dramatically arched eyebrows.

The #1 and #2 Ponytails are just alike except the #1 has holes in her feet to accommodate the metal prongs on the first-issue stand (see photo below).

These #4 Ponytails age very well and retain much of their beauty from when they were brand new dolls and, in my opinion, are very underrated.

Heavy solid rubbery body that smells like crayons, small neck knob.The #1 has holes in the feet with copper tubes inserted. The brown eye shadow and the same faded vinyl skin tone makes the #3's look rather anemic, but that's what collectors like, even though less were produced with blue eye shadow.