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Breathing problems, headaches, and jaw and muscle pain are just a few of the issues caused by a misaligned jaw. Read More Straight teeth are not simply a cosmetic matter.

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Who this class is for: This SEO class is for CMO, CEO, Investors, Bloggers, Marketing Students, non-competitors interested in learning about SEO from one of the best SEO agency in NYC.By addressing dental and skeletal problems early, many issues can be safely avoided.You can avoid jaw problems that may eventually require costly and risky surgeries, avoid future impactions, eliminate unhealthy habits.Because of the potential long-term effects of misaligned teeth, leading Los Angeles-based orthodontist Dr.

Atoosa Nikaeen recommends that alignment problems be addressed as early as possible. Atoosa Nikaeen’s patients are adults from the ages of 21 and 70.

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