My boyfriend signed up for a dating website dating community friends in

18-May-2020 02:26

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I feel very confused now because I feel he does love me. First of all, I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with this. Usually, I am equivocal with my responses when it comes to staying together or breaking up – it’s always a deeply personal decision and it’s hard to know unless you’re in the person’s shoes.

My friends are disgusted and said there’s no other reason to use these apps unless you’re going to hook up. These are the facts as they stand – you saw the messages for yourself so you know he has certainly broken your trust, if not actually physically gone and cheated.

When I asked him about it he initially denied it but eventually confessed. It’s an insult to you, a further attempt to distort or excuse what is a huge breach of trust. Right now, you must take him at his actions, not at his words.