Movies on dating and relationships

26-Nov-2019 18:14

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Seeming perfect from the outside while struggling also happens a lot in life!With so many relationships in one movie, there are bound to be a few that were actually pretty spot on.We all wish that Tom and Summer could have ended up together in this flick, but the fact that they didn’t despite Tom’s strong feelings, makes it much more loyal to real life.Summer initially declares to Tom that she doesn’t believe in true love, and after they’ve broken up, she tells him that she does believe in it, and she’s found it with someone else.

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Sometimes you get off on the wrong foot, the timing is totally off, and there are other people in the works whose lies manipulate the situation. This is the story of Frank and Maggie Wheeler, a married couple who trade larger dreams for life in the suburbs when they become pregnant.

As Miranda is super serious and a real control freak and Daniel is an actor who can’t keep a straight face, it also demonstrates that sometimes the novelty of being with someone who you’re not compatible with wears off.

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