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06-Nov-2020 17:04

For an employer, it is a lot cheaper to make payroll payments on a computer than to write – and sometimes mail – payroll checks to employees.

Direct deposit also creates a seamless record of all payroll accounts, saving more time and money when business expenses are analyzed.

Before an employer can use EFT for payroll payments there are several things he must do.

These are enumerated in the Controller's Handbook of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act.

Pay discrepancies are easily resolved without checks getting lost in the mail or stolen.

There are countless advantages over paychecks, here are just a few: When employees have easy access to funds and paystubs, they can spend less time on banking and more time impacting your organizations bottom line.

Employers may require a new employee to sign up for a direct deposit as a condition if hire unless the cost to the employee of establishing and maintain an account would effectively reduce the employee’s wages to a level below the minimum wage.

But what about the remaining 4% who prefer a physical check? Like most things in HR, it all depends on the employment law in your state and the classification of employees.Direct deposits are Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) governed federally by the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.All direct deposits are handled through the Automated Clearing House, a system used by all U. Once an employer sets up the system, payroll amounts are designated by the employer and routed through the ACH system directly to the employee's bank.Some employees have personal circumstances, which is often related to debt collection, child support and divorce.

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And it is a drawback that makes a payroll check preferable to direct deposit.

Colorado employers may pay their employees with checks (or other instruments payable upon demand), cash, paycards, or by direct deposit into the employee's account at a financial institution.

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