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For this robot, we are currently designing a flying blimp that is folded for the insertion and inflated remotely in the [the smaller void]." The blimp would allow the robot to fly around the smaller void and take pictures.The flying robot wouldn't have to navigate stairs or rocks and could move faster and take pictures from more points of view than a ground-traveling robot could, Mouret said.Additionally, it's possible that the smaller void, which scientists already know consists of a corridor, could have linked up to the larger void in ancient times, Tayoubi said.[Photos: Amazing Discoveries at Egypt's Giza Pyramids]To gather this information, the researchers will set up muon detectors in spots in the Great Pyramid that have yet to be investigated, including a series of so-called relieving chambers, which are located near the larger void.The gorgeous country is also flocked by a lot of gorgeous Egyptian men and women.

On the other hand, if the void is horizontal, then it could consist of one or more chambers.After taking pictures, the flying robot would deflate and travel back through the hole."First, we want to send a 'scout robot,' which is basically a pan-tilt camera with a lot of lights fitted in a tube-like robot," Mouret told Live Science."The goal is to survey what is on the other side of the wall and get high-resolution pictures."Mouret continued, "If there is something promising, then we will extract the scout robot and insert the exploration robot.Use the Nokia 216 Dual SIM to get the best deal when you’re traveling or to separate personal life from work life.

Scientists plan to conduct more muon testing in the Great Pyramid; and they are developing robots that may be able to enter the smaller void and peer inside using a high-resolution camera.

Tayoubi emphasized that robot exploration is not the immediate goal of the Scan Pyramids project, but rather something that may be considered in the future.

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