Lesson 2 4 tree ring dating

30-Apr-2020 21:37

If it’s an evergreen, count its whorls, or rows of branches.

Broadleaf trees produce whorls irregularly, so counting them is only practical for evergreens.

The width of the rings gives you clues about how favorable the growth season was.

If environment conditions were good (plenty of water & sunlight) the growth rings will be wide.

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Counting the rings can give you an estimate of how old the tree is. Some environmental conditions can cause the tree grow more than once during a growing season, and thus produce false rings; ring counts do not always indicate the tree’s true age.The cross section can also provide information about the tree’s age.The appearance of rings in a x-section is due to the growth pattern of the tree.Minor differences will set the types of trees apart.

If you look, they don’t all have the same bark texture and the rings appear different for each round.Trees that grow year round (pines and conifers) are called softwoods.

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