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08-May-2020 02:36

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19, which is clearly the gold standard in ages for datable women, just pretend that you are. and return to the girlish lass you used to be before you, you know, began actually adulting.

Make like you don’t have your career, and your calling, and your family, and your mission experience, and your extensive network of satisfying friendships . If someone with whom you cannot imagine a future deigns to ask you out, reinvent yourself as if you just graduated from high school.

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So get your adulation on: I know what you are thinking after reading this: Men do not have “quarks.” Oh, but even the fact that you dismissed this as a mere typo reveals that there is so, so much you don’t know about men. Men contain fathomless depths of fascinating mysteries.And I was short, or as this feminist put it “unlucky,” and the same angry women who complain about shallow guys refused to date me because of my height.Now sisters, I know that some of you reading this may be protesting that the reason this author had trouble finding a wife had nothing to do with his height and everything to do with his utter lack of respect for women, but you will just have to take his word for it.Even though you will be rewarded if you divorce your husband and move on to your next victim.

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Even though our disgusting popular culture perverts marriage. Now, let’s be clear: he doesn’t mean you should follow the tips in self-improvement magazines. Because in addition to their important tips that you should lose weight, sport makeup, and find a man, those same exponents of popular culture may also suggest you’re just fine a man, which is another feminist lie. What matters most are your body and your appearance: What happens to women as they age?

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