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Onuguu-Progress (13 seats) and Bir Bol (12 seats) - Can't say anything about this parties.

Ata-Meken - Liberal party with 11 seats in parliament.

The easiest way to tell that something has been overblown out of proportion is when nobody can settle on which statistics to use for an issue. Various sites and videos online mention up to 80% of Kyrgyz marriages involve kidnappings (seriously, how do people believe this stuff? Others say it may be up to half of all marriages while one third are non-consensual, while I saw random people on Reddit say that it was worrying that 18% of Kyrgyz brides were kidnapped.

However, all actual studies done into bride kidnapping draw lower numbers.

You can see all the previous country/region threads of that kind if you click on the “AMA” post flair (definitely works with new design and on mobile, not sure about old design).Current and previous presidents are members of this party.It was considered ruling party, but last week they declared themselves opposition because of disagreement between current president (who is leader of this party). In past it was two different parties who decided to unite to increase they chances in 2015 parliament elections. Join our site and meet single Kyrgyzstan men and single Kyrgyzstan women looking to meet quality singles for fun and dating in Kyrgyzstan.

My name is Irina, I live in Kyrgyzstan Central Asia. I am a good listener, and I am a good conversationalist.

Leader of this party and two other members are in prison now for economic crimes.