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And um, for instance, if I say let’s pray , y’know, to um, to Jesus Christ and the, and the y’know the Father, Io, y’know you might go, whoa, I pray to Io and Jesus Christ.

but you see, that’s a lot of, that is your perception of that, y’know, because you would feel real comfortable saying Jehovah, Jehovah jiri, Jehovah nissi, all those things. Well let me just read this and you can look it up in the Strong’s and the Old Testament Workbook.

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One, that the Hawaiians may have come from two migrations in the Middle East: the Hebrews in the exodus.This is a portion of that interview that is pertinent to the topic of “God’s” name being Io.Daniel Kikawa: “Until I read Eternity in Their Hearts, I would have thought this was all sacrilege” David -Alan: Don Richardson.After 20 years of marriage, Jim Bob and Michelle decide to renew their vows, and the family prepares for the arrival of Mackynzie Renee, the first grand-Duggar.

uggar family is over five times the size of the typical household.

In our first interview with him, we discussed and asked numerous questions to be sure of what he was saying.