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01-Jul-2020 18:58

When I click the search box in IE6, the submit button does highlight, but I can still type in the text field.It might be the button:active declaration in the CSS that IE6 is hiccuping on.You might mean the key Window property of the UIApplication instance, but if not, you'll have to explain exactly what you're trying to accomplish.In general, it's always a good idea to describe exactly what you're trying to accomplish.Some of them are so poorly run that they may only have 3% getting to the people that need it. Open the class reference doc (UIApplication in this case). Search for the expected method or property (main Window in this case). If found, read the description carefully (some detail may differ from your expectation, such as - instead of , or a different letter-case than you expected). If not found, open the class reference doc for the superclass and go to step 2. If not found in any class or superclass, then the reason for the message is simple: the class does not have the method or property you expected.

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Soon we may have to switch to twos and threes, but they're more expensive. I also have IE6 running on a XP machine that I keep around just for checking some web sites on it. I checked your link at and it appeared to be OK as well.Pepper Live (really not a "concert" per se) KISS: The Lost 1976 Concert Just to name a few. You think it is method xyzzy, but it really might have method xyz, or zzy.