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15-Apr-2020 11:38

The show has unconsciously begun to recode the heteronormative marriage therapy trope into something more queer-centered and humorous, qualities that has led to the production of two seasons (and counting) of the web series.

Mc Manus is delighted with the response to the web series, but stresses that there is still a distinct lack of LGBTQ content in the mainstream media, but urges young queer people to seek out and even create their own representation.

They were grandfathered in, but that allowed Mc Manus to see the immense privilege in being a married lesbian couple.

Join Bridget Mc Manus, Karman Kregloe (married 9 years) and Cat Davis and Kristen Smith (married 2 years) as they answer the tough and not-so-tough relationship and marriage questions.I interviewed Bridget Mc Manus recently about the series. is a talk show where you and your wife, Karman Kregloe, along with another married couple, Cat Davis and Kristen Smith, answer questions and offer advice about marriage and relationships. Can you talk a little bit about how you guys came up with the idea for the show? She and I go back and forth for over ten years trying to collaborate on projects. You guys talk about a lot of very, very interesting and personal topics sometimes. Have you ever had any reservations about talking about stuff that’s so personal knowing that other people, strangers as well as possible relatives, will be watching? My sister is also queer and married to a wonderful woman. My parents, if there is anything that I say that’s uncomfortable they just kind of shake their heads, like whatever. I shared quite a bit about what we did in her in-laws’, my in-laws’ house. We don’t need to go all there.” Cat and Kristen, they’ve been married for two and a half years.We discussed the genesis of the show, the perils of talking about your real life relationship on air, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and so much more. When we were sitting down together just as friends hanging out, we’re like, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a show that had a positive representative of lesbian marriage? My sister used to work at many different sex toys stores growing up, like she worked at Grand Opening and she worked at Babeland in Seattle. It’s also a blessing that I’m a comedian because they’re like, “Whatever. They’re still figuring themselves out, so they are very exploratory, where we now, being married ten years, we’re more we have things set in stone.While the foursome readily admit they are not experts, they do provide funny, insightful and useful advice for maintaining a healthy relationship.

They tackle viewer questions on everything from dealing with your in-laws to the proper etiquette for sex toys from a previous relationship. Karman is a little more reserved because we did a segment about whether it’s okay, if you’re vising your in-laws, to have sex in their house?

It’s such a blessing now that gay people all over the country can get married. I think once they try it they’re going to realize it’s not going to work because they’re very monogamous. There’s about 60 questions that are in the bowl per episode.