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In 2018, Hot started broadcasting the Kan11 channel at 4K resolution for the first time at channel 511.

Hot has been criticized for refusing to provide service to certain areas of Israel, despite being bound by contract to do so.

That is the way how your interlocutors will be able to see you as person you are.

Peculiarities for communication in the Israel: Communication in online chat Israel will be very helpful to you if you plan to visit the country.

Therefore, Israel chat is a platform, where online communication takes place not only in Hebrew (the official language of the country), but also in . It is equally well suited to all its users, and anyone who is looking for a serious relationship with a mature partner will be able to find a companion, as easy as the one seeking to communicate with young people. Share links to each other's social network profiles with new friends and invite your old friends in our online chat.

Welcome to the chat Israel - best place for meeting over the Internet with the people of Israel. Israel Chat is a free chat with a unique interlocutor selection system.

Hot offers about 200 local and foreign-language channels in its digital television services.

Hot also offers several 'exclusive' channels (not available from the competing Yes company) under the Hot brand name.

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Hot is not an Internet service provider and is only permitted to offer last mile access.Regions especially lacking are those that are predominantly Haredi and Arab-Israeli, as well as the Arava.

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