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09-Jul-2020 02:04

Hello, My name is Jacinto but my friends and family call me Cito. I started this sentence at 28 years old, I was young and dumb and got into drugs and made a horrible choice that cost me 13 years of my life.

I am a 47-year-old guy with blue eyes and blonde hair. Currently, I enjoy reading, chess, and Words With Friends.

You can reach him at (901) 377-4500 or via email at [email protected] His office is responsible for issuing vehicle licenses, notary public commissions, and marriage licenses; collecting Liquor by the Drink taxes; swearing in deputy sheriffs; and selling business licenses.

I’m 24 and originally from Los Angeles, California. We all may come from different backgrounds and lifestyles but we’ve all shared the same pains, struggles and joys and I believe that’s what builds friendships. I’m fun, outgoing, open minded, understanding, self-motivated, positive and I have a great personality. I have a silly sense of humor that allows me to enjoy life, even in my current situation. (Smile) Despite the fact that my government name is Steven Curry, I am known by most people as “Smiley”. I’m 5’8” and 185 pounds and I have a great personality. Everyone can access if they wish to find out if any sex offenders are residing in Shelby County or other areas in Tennessee.Please note that not all offenders obey the registration law.Mail that is not properly addressed will be returned to the sender unopened.

All incoming mail is opened and checked for contraband.Founded in 1819, it was named in honor of Kentucky Governor Isaac Shelby. The zip codes in Shelby County are 37501, 38103, 38101, 38105, 38104, 38107, 38106, 38109, 38108, 38111, 38112, 38115, 38114, 38117, 38116, 38119, 38118, 38122, 38120, 38125, 38127, 38126, 38128, 38131, 38133, 38132, 38135, 38134, 38139, 38138, 38141, 38148, 38157, 38152, 38193, 38004, 38002, 38014, 38017, 38016, 38018, 38028, 38029, and 38053.

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