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The Monteregian hills are volcanic, but their potassium-argon age disagrees by twenty million years with the date when, by all other calculations, Montreal was over the hot spot-an exception that probes the tl1eory.Morgan attributes the inconsistency to “random things you can’t explain” and mentions the possibility of faulty dating.

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Limestone, being soluble in water, forms zakelijke energie fertile valleys in eastern North America but in the dry West remains largely undissolved.

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He also says, quite equably, “If the Monteregian hills really don’t Rt the model, you have to come up with another model.” The hot-spot hypothesis was put forward in the early nineteensixties by J.

Tuzo Wilson, of the University of Toronto, as a consequence of a stopover in Hawaii and one look at the islands. James Hutton, on whose eighteenthcentury Theory of the Earth the science of geology has been built, understood in a general way that great heat from deep sources stirs the actions of the earth (”There has been exerted an extreme degree of heat below the strata formed at the bottom of the sea”), but no one to this day knows exactly how it works.The summits of the Wind River Range were hills above that Miocene plain.

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