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13-May-2020 12:33

OP - twenties is not old, although there is obviously a difference between 21 and 29. don anyone having slept with a prostitute would be the biggest red flag imaginable, I would struggle to even be friends with someone who would do that.I was in my twenties and a virgin when I met my now DH.I want to ask what women think about men who are still virgins later on in life. As the weeks, months and years continue to accumulate I am having to ponder the possibility that it will never happen for me. It will happen and then you wonder what ever was I worried about. If they its a deal breaker then they obviously didn't care for you that much and maybe isn't the best person. That will make a difference aswell both to you and women, different people have different expectations, different values and different ways. Have you not met anyone you've been sufficiently taken with to ask out, or are you waiting for a woman to ask you? Do you have male friends you go out and about with,or are you a loner who rarely socialises with others? A lot of people end up in relationships because the thought of not being in one bothers them. I'd much rather sleep with a virgin than someone who had the disrespect for women enough to hire a prostitute!I have had this idea for a while that virginity after a certain age is basically the ultimate red flag. Honestly I would think it a little strange might be a red flag as would be concerned to why? I think you should get yourself out there and date. There are women who would love it and be very happy, unless you're an axe murderer in the making of course ;) , and there are those who either wouldn't like the lack of experience or see it as a red flag to there being something wrong, it all depends on the woman. One of the loveliest guys I ever met was a virgin in his mid 20s. Some women/girls lose their virginity so their boyfriend doesn't dump them. I'm not saying you have or you should do that, just that it goes the other way too. Being a virgin isn't a problem at all, it's the 'why', if there is one, that might be a problem.Sex with a prostitute would just be the mechanics though; put this here, are you done yet, sort of thing.What OP wants, I suspect, is something fun and natural. You just need to get out there OP and meet people, meet their friends, their families, their families' friends and so on.' I replied, 'I would be surprised as you are a good lover' was my reply. I've had rubbish sex from so called experienced men. No I bloody don't and it might have been nice if you asked first.

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There's this common perception that everyone is shagging like bunnies in their teens, and those that don't have that experience feel (needlessly) weird and embarassed so don't speak up. And that obviously didn't seem like a red flag to some very beautiful and successful women... One of whom is a virgin and I think is very unlikely to ever have a relationship with anyone as he has's just not part of his experience of the world.