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Important properties of the Bound Field class of the Data Grid You can use Bound Field by using the smart tag of Grid View control as follows.Click on Edit column link and provide text on Header Text and Data Field. Grid View control supports an Auto Generate Columns property and by default its value is true. If you don’t disable Auto Generate Columns property, then both columns will be displayed by the Bound Fields You can also bound the column in the aspx page as follows: In the above code, in SQl query all records are selected but we have bound only three records and the column order is also change in output.When the user clicks on paging link on the Grid View, page is postback to the server.On postback, Page Index Changed event of Data Grid is called.Sort Direction property is used to sort the grid column using ascending and descending order.

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The two properties are: A Bound Field property is used to display the value of a table column from database.Paging is a technique, which divides the records into pages. Custom paging provides better performance than default paging.To enable default paging, set the Allow Paging property of the Grid View to true. Set Page Size property to display the number of records per page according to need of your application. If your application is working with huge amount of data, then it is not good and efficient to display all records at a time. In custom paging, developers have to write code for selective retrieve of the records from entire records to display in each page.

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Apart from displaying the data, you can perform select, sort, page, and edit operations with Grid View control. Custom paging In default paging, the entire records are fetched from the database, then the Data Grid selects records from entire set of data, according to page size, to display it in Data Grid.

Set the Page Index property of Data Grid is as follows.

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