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23-Mar-2020 13:52

The season featured 27-year-old De Anna Pappas, a real estate agent.

She was previously rejected by Brad Womack in the eleventh season of The Bachelor.

De Anna Pappas, the finalist on a 2007 edition of "The Bachelor" who was spurned at the last moment by Brad Womack, is now dispensing roses herself as the fourth female edition of the dating-contest perennial begins.

But before he leaves, he sneaks around her hotel room leaving notes highlighting his favorite things about her.

This was the first The Bachelor franchise that expanded from 60 to 120 minutes in the entire season.

She ultimately chose Jesse Csincsak and accpeted his proposal.

, she’s emerged as loud, strong, and decisive, routinely finding the exact words to put men who cross lines into their places.

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On the season premiere, that guy was Scott, a contestant suspected of having an active relationship with another woman back home.I’m not sure what was louder, the cheers of women across America or the screams of John Paul Jones being electrocuted in stirrups. During the cocktail party, Mike proves that being bold doesn’t always mean being the sexiest man in labor. Cam ultimately decides to be the bigger man and walk away, but it’s hard to be the bigger man when you’re wearing a hoodie under a blazer.