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13-Jul-2020 23:25

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When to become exclusive with our partner is a delicate art unless the signs are there. Dating in the digital age means way more options than ever before, and some of us are reluctant to let them go to get serious with one person. Saying no to that pint and going for a spirit and mixer instead? Zero sarcastic comments underneath, even from your dimmest mates? One-night-stands and casual things use chewing gum in lieu of dental hygiene the morning after; if there’s a toothbrush, it’s a thing! If you can feel you’re not far away from a serious discussion about “where this is going” and your commitment antibodies haven’t caused anxiety, sweating, and an urge to ghost, you’re ready. You’re waiting for the trap door to open and the bad opinions be exposed, or lies to come to the fore, or, simply, that you’ll go off them. Bizarre texting rules and rituals, pecks on the cheek after dates, trying to hide your excitement – all very dull rules of courtship that are all too prevalent.

But is it too soon for you guys to become exclusive?

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Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices. But, if you have just proposed on Christmas and you're still not sure whether to tone down the flirting, The Guyliner has you covered. It’s not even that there’s anything wrong with these people, you just can’t face starting something new when you’re already quite far into a situation you don’t feel the need to change. Oh, so you usually go to the gym four nights a week, do you? And it’s not just the one you use to get to grips with the mould on the grouting – assuming you do this – it’s theirs! Early days you talked about boxsets, current affairs, sport, your favourite superheroes. Childhoods, families, hopes and dreams, your history of chlamydia – the lot. The first few dates, you spend half your time worrying the perfection can’t be real. If you’re still feeling good about them after your first barney, it’s time to delete the apps.

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