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08-May-2020 08:05

The French, in general, are turned off by perfection, as is seen in their perfectly imperfect style and beauty routines, and as is evident in their relationships.

And though love is the same, no matter what genders or cultures feel it, the views and beliefs about relationships can be so varied.

We don’t care to know what happen to Ariel and Eric after the wedding because we just assume they are in love forever and everything’s perfect.

Ursula’s dead, Ariel has legs, and they got married on an awesome boat — what else could be wrong!?

They would never stop putting in the hard work to keep romance alive, married or not, and they don’t get married for the sake of a fairytale ending.

We may expect the country that contains the City of Love to be the most idealistic and romantic, but when it comes to relationships, they’re actually very realistic.

And still we buy into this idea that a wedding is the end of the fairytale.

But the French know the fairytale goes on much longer than after the wedding bells have stopped ringing, or that wedding bells aren’t necessary at all.

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In the US, we often have this idea that the person we date should be our best friend.They believe that as long as you tell and show your partner that you’re beautiful, young, thin, etc., this is what they will think of you.

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