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(It covers) in detail the entire business structure of starting, maintaining, and growing an online information marketing empire.I believe this is the same 97 retreat held at Wood’s Costa Rica house prior to the launch of Empower Network.Whilst living in Hawaii, Wood lived in a van which is where the whole “homeless” backstory originates from.Not entirely focused on recruitment anymore, Wood’s commissions eventually dried up and he re-entered the internet marketing niche.Despite frequent requests to review Empower Network over the past year, I’ve consistently knocked back further analysis of the company initially believing it not to be MLM.I briefly looked over it initially and all I saw was a blog platform members sold for .

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With these terms frequently used in the more shadier MLM opportunities out there (particularly “going all in”), I figured Empower Network warranted another (and more indepth) look. Empower Network was launched in November 2011 with a suite number and street address in the US state of Florida on the company website.

The Empower Network compensation plan is most easily explained when split up into three separate recurring one-up compensation structures.

Each of the three products above has its own compensation plan attached that operates independently of the others, and each requires an Empower Network affiliate to qualify for commissions.

In this sense Empower Network functions as a content farm, with the idea being that the more information their members pump out onto the internet, the more exposure their recruitment theme gets which in turn translates into more signups to Empower Network itself.

Empower Network’s Inner Circle is an audio based training program that is updated “2 to 4 times a week” with “a retreat held in a 10,000 square foot home, overlooking the ocean near David Wood’s mountain home in Costa Rica.

Heading up Empower Network are founders David Wood (CEO) and David Sharpe (President).