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Can you imagine the public scattered over all of North America, reading the 99,044 books sent out by the Review and Herald, and the 177,000 books sent out by the Pacific Press for the Big Week campaign. The five-o'clock lassitude and craving are neither more nor less than the reaction induced by the habitual abnormal stimulation ; or otherwise, and quite fairly, stated, it is the outward symptom of a diseased condition of brain, produced by the action of a drug; it may be but a mild form of disease, but it is truly a disease nevertheless.

We have heard hard-time talks until we begin to feel hard times, but wfho knows that we have come to such a time as this to demonstrate our loyalty to God's organized work. Let us make it still more personal by putting it into the singular, I can not fail in 1931. This sounding says to every believer, Bestir thyself. This rule will be strictly enforced, so save time by enclosing a letter of recommendation with your advertisement. The action cannot be that of a food, but is purely and simply that of a stimulating or irritant drug, acting directly and abnormally on the nervous system.

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At best, Western Canada will raise less than 10,000 in the Big Week campaign this year.At the middle of March a large number left the city to occupy farms in different parts of the province. Balmer 25.00 Canora Wimmer Company 25.00 30.00 Saskatoon District No. It made me glad to learn later that many new ones had attended the Sabbath school and the meeting following, last Sabbath for the first time. I need scarcely add that all I have said above applies to coffee as to tea.