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with print ad stunt" srcset="https://cached.co.uk/resize/scale Width/282/cached.co.uk/news/OMC/channel4synthad2-20160927120103533282w, https://cached.co.uk/resize/scale Width/348/cached.co.uk/news/OMC/channel4synthad2-20160927120103533348w, https://cached.co.uk/resize/scale Width/442/cached.co.uk/news/OMC/channel4synthad2-20160927120103533442w, https://cached.co.uk/resize/scale Width/534/cached.co.uk/news/OMC/channel4synthad2-20160927120103533534w, https://cached.co.uk/resize/scale Width/564/cached.co.uk/news/OMC/channel4synthad2-20160927120103533564w, https://cached.co.uk/resize/scale Width/581/cached.co.uk/news/OMC/channel4synthad2-20160927120103533581w, https://cached.co.uk/resize/scale Width/696/cached.co.uk/news/OMC/channel4synthad2-20160927120103533696w, https://cached.co.uk/resize/scale Width/743/cached.co.uk/news/OMC/channel4synthad2-20160927120103533743w, https://cached.co.uk/resize/scale Width/884/cached.co.uk/news/OMC/channel4synthad2-20160927120103533884w, https://cached.co.uk/resize/scale Width/1068/cached.co.uk/news/OMC/channel4synthad2-201609271201035331068w, https://cached.co.uk/resize/scale Width/1486/cached.co.uk/news/OMC/channel4synthad2-201609271201035331486w" sizes="(min-width: 1024px) 743px, (min-width: 960px) 581px, (min-width: 768px) 841px, (min-width: 640px) 657px, (min-width: 480px) 534px, (min-width: 320px) 442px, (min-width: 0px) 282px, 743px" / The broadcaster ran a print campaign across UK newspapers on Friday (23 September) in the guise of Persona Synthetics, the fictional company behind the synths.

In the ad, Persona Synthetics warns readers that a number of faulty synths are on the loose, and that humans should on no account attempt to "reset or confront malfunctioning synths".

The link appeared to be for a service I did not use, and I was not about to download it.

The quote she sent me was “my sister is hovering over me waiting for the phone back, so catch me on …” The rushing off of POF to text, the use of a California number in an area close to mine, the unexpected sending of nude pictures and then the immediate rush to get me to follow her to some odd website five minutes later were all major red flags.

I’ve had people try to hit me with scams before, but this sounded like someone or something with the skill level of AIM bot scammers in chatrooms back in 2000.

Two weeks later, I saw another girl on POF state that she wanted to meet me.

Channel 4 is publicly denying the stunt in tweets to anyone who spots the print ads and site, but it's likely the campaign was created by its in-house agency, 4Creative.

Last year, the broadcaster quietly created a pop-up shop for Persona Synthetics in a stunt which helped attract six million viewers for the first episode.

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I texted her number from the same number I had used previously, just in case it was the same Jess, trying to pull something. ** Me: Your pictures are different this time, Jess. How many times have you tried making a POF profile? Well hmm I would like to think of myself as a female…

Jess: just fyi im just visitin my stepsis here in Santa Cruz until the 10th then back home to Hesperia **That was the exact same message she had sent the first time, which led me to believe this may be a bot. No robot or whatever you thing here lol like seriously? ** I thought back to the robots they have for robo-calls and cold calls nowadays because some of them have built-in responses for people who catch on and ask whether there is a robot on the line.

Naturally, I asked.** Jess: soo just lookin for maybe a friend with benefits ha… It was still hard to tell at this point.** Me: Are you on your phone or your sister’s phone? Did your phone get destroyed before you left to California?

As you’ll read in our analysis that follows, we believe this scam was perpetrated by sophisticated Internet criminals. Luke writes “I had a girl on POF reach out to me saying that she wanted to meet me.

As soon as I replied to the message she sent me, she immediately sent a phone number in a message mentioning that she did not like or could not figure out how to use the site.

Jess: goin through a rly bad breakup backhome so that why im out here, so i can give my ex time to move out ** She had given a similar story before about going through a bad breakup, but the first time it was in a message responding to me about something rather than being one just out of the blue.