Error validating login on the trim workgroup server

18-Sep-2020 15:41

error validating login on the trim workgroup server-24

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You may find details on how to do it here: runs under the (less privileged) Network Service account instead of (all powerful) Local System account starting from version 4.0 (Vista/Server 2008) So to answer @mkus question more directly to "set" domain mode you just install MSMQ on domain controller and make sure that proper permissions in place for Network Service account.

error validating login on the trim workgroup server-73

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I always try to keep myself up-to-date with latest release of SQL Server.

Also couple of links to clarify issues around MSMQ objects permissions and when/why you need to set them:

In short starting from MSMQ 4.0 Everyone and Anonymous Logon were removed from default MSMQ objects ACLs as precaution against Do S attacks (though there are exlusions to this change and Workgroup mode is one of those).

I was able to upgrade to next version without above error: Have you even seen such upgrade blockers?

Reference: Pinal Dave ( Dave is a SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert and an independent consultant.I ran into some problems, no matter how much I installed or uninstalled MSMQ or restarted, I still wasn't able to use the queue.